Cleanup day in Vladivostok (Far East Russia)

Ecological Volunteering

The World Cleanup Day traditionally unites people from all over the world to carry out environmental campaigns in ecologically disadvantaged areas. The 6th time New Acropolis Vladivostok set out to clean the sea coast at Cape Sandy.

This year the volunteers were pleased with the long-awaited decision of the local administration to place garbage cans. From now on, garbage is taken out regularly, hopefully it will be more often. This action has radically affected the cleanliness of the shores. Imagine, 3 or 4 years ago we collected a full lorry of garbage, whereas this year our team was bigger and still collected 2or 3 times less which is about 90 bags of garbage.
NA Vladivostok thanks everyone who did not remain indifferent and responded. Also expresses gratitude to the administration of Vladivostok for assistance. And awaits for everyone at new eco-projects and events.

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