European Heritage Days (La Cour Petral, France)

Artistic Activities, Cultural Activities

The French Ministry of Culture organised the annual European Heritage Days in mid-September. The former Cour Petral Abbey opened its doors for this occasion. The Cour Petral belongs to the association New Acropolis France and is currently a place of training and exchange.

This year, the theme of the conference was “Education and Learning for Life”. Many visitors (almost 200 this year) came to admire the beauty of its buildings and its rural setting. The guided tours allow us to learn about the history of the place and the current projects.

The main attraction is “craft city” where members of the public are invited to discover different crafts and participate with their own hands in: blacksmithing, carpentry, glass making, honey production, etc. This is the best part of the visit. Something ancestral is developing between man and matter. Working with their hands, the eyes of adults and children both shine!

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