Guided tour of the Acropolis! (Athens, Greece)

Cultural Activities

Members and friends of New Acropolis of Athens and Zografou Branch, we traveled through time, art and history. We started our journey from Arios Pagos, where we analyzed the founding of the city and the sacred geography of the area and then we climbed the magical path, which leads high up to the sacred rock.

In Ancient Greece the Acropolis was defined as the highest part of the city / The peak of the city where a channel of communication was symbolically created between the visible and the invisible, a fact that indicates our highest self, the inner Acropolis of every human being.

We all have low cities and higher cities within us. So every person should try to climb to his inner heights.

We believe that people today need a New Acropolis, which will not be made of stone and marble, but of people with the aim of regaining the strong bonds of union with each other and with nature.

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