Inspection of the sponsored river on the International Mother Earth Day (Barcelona, Spain)

Mother Earth Day

On the occasion of the International Mother Earth Day, New Acropolis Barcelona has carried out the twice-yearly inspection of the section of river that has sponsored, in the stream of Vallvidrera, in Collserola.

Throughout the morning

, the five participants, with limited capacity due to the restrictions of Procicat, were able to carry out the commitment we have with the Rivers Project.

Despite the large number of visitors to the Natural Park of the Sierra de Collserola, the data collected on the hydromorphological, physico-chemical and biological characteristics indicate a good state of the river, as it has scored well in all parameters measured. Even the waste collected has not been as abundant as in previous visits.

We are happy to participate and observe the improvement of our nearby natural environment, and we will continue our work for a long time to come, despite the limitations.

This action, included in the Planeta Viu project, has served, especially on this occasion, to raise awareness of how important it is to take care of the Earth. For this reason, we took the opportunity to carry out this work on a date close to the day on which various actions are held around the world to protect biodiversity and keep natural spaces uncontaminated, clean and suitable for life.

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