‘Knights of the Round Table’. What’s behind the legend? (Russia)

Cultural Activities

Europe 12c. For several centuries, on the ruins of the Roman Empire, there have been many small states that are constantly at odds with each other. Robberies, wars, epidemics from which entire peoples die. Both culture and science are in decline. Much knowledge about the structure of the world and of man is forgotten. People fight to survive.

And so, amid the violence and oblivion, legends of noble knights emerge. They spend all their time wandering and only once a year do they meet at Camelot Castle to recount their adventures and confirm the right to sit at the Round Table. Each story attracts and fascinates because it has a deeper meaning and message.

Together with the audience, some symbols and actions of the legends were analyzed from a special point of view: the interior of man and his inner path. With such an approach, it turns out that all heroes and dragons, the wise Merlin and the king are part of us. For example, the Lady of the Middle Ages was considered a symbol of the human soul. It is interesting that the appearance of Lady foreshadowed the feat of each knight. Another example is that achieving a victory required not only strength and ability to wield a weapon but also some inner quality such as meekness, compassion, or others.

After the discussion with the participants, all together danced a slow medieval piece to feel a bit like those knights and ladies.

Рыцари Круглого стола. Что хранит легенда?

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