Lecture on emotions to Joinville Volunteer Firefighters (Joinville/SC, Brazil)


Invited by Joinville Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Acropolis discussed the theme “Managing emotions in times of crisis” with the members of this centenary and important institution of the city.

Fernando César Trindade, teacher of New Acropolis, proposed practical philosophical guidelines for firefighters on how to deal with emotional pressure in their demanding work. “We emphasized the importance of discipline in training for specific technical actions and the need of cultivating values as a stable ground to control emotions, develop a more sophisticated taste and choose the path of human dignity,” he said. He also explored the importance of idealism, fraternity and commitment to volunteering for a better world.

Jackson Aurélio Anzini, Coordinator of Training Program for Volunteer Firefighters, mentioned that the lecture was of great importance for the Firefighters. Anzini acknowledged on how philosophical teachings can help in practical ways.
































Al Centro: Jackson Anzini (Coordinador del Área de Formación), Fernando César (Prof. da Nueva Acrópolis) y Bomberos.


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