Lecture on Jorge Angel Livraga and presentation of a book on journalistic articles (Lisbon, Portugal)

Editorial News

New Acropolis offered a talk entitled Jorge Ángel Livraga (1930-1991): Values and Ideals for a New World, followed by the presentation of the book “Journalistic Articles”, both by José Carlos Fernández, writer and director of New Acropolis Portugal.

One of the aims of the lecture was to highlight the personality of Jorge Angel Livraga, founder of the International Organization New Acropolis and its first director, until his death.

Jorge Ángel Livraga offers a great variety of facets and nuances, as he was a philosopher, poet, writer and essayist, who sought with his work to bring knowledge and philosophy to all kinds of audiences with a clear pedagogical sense. In this sense, he published studies on ancient cultures and civilizations, romances, philosophical essays and reflections on today’s world, as well as numerous articles.

A series of journalistic articles by this insightful author have been published in the book presented, dealing with the most varied topics: philosophy, esotericism, science, ecology, politics and religion.


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