New Acropolis invited by the Joinville Volunteer Fire Department (Brazil)


The Joinville Volunteer Fire Department (CBVJ) invited New Acropolis to give a training course in conflict management for the aspiring group of volunteer firefighters. This course is part of their curriculum.

The course took place last May 2nd at the CBVJ headquarters and was attended by approximately 40 people, including trainees and firefighters. During the eight hours, teachers Fernando César Trindade and Alexsandro Cordeiro, from the Joinville branch of New Acropolis, gave a theoretical and a practical presentation on two themes: “The conflict within us” and “The conflict between us”.
In the morning activities they worked on theories about what leads human beings to conflict. In the afternoon, practical exercises on how to manage this type of conflict. Among the exercises, Nei Kung – Martial Arts techniques were applied in order to transmit to the practitioner the traditional philosophical teachings of the martial arts.
According to Alexsandro, ” At the end, the conclusion we can come to is that the cause of the conflict between us is precisely the conflict that is within us!”
The Joinville Volunteer Fire Brigade was founded in 1892 and is the oldest institution in Brazil.

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