New Acropolis Oradea awarded at the Volunteering Gala (Romania)

Social Volunteering

The Social Welfare Volunteers Gala (8th edition) organised by the Social Welfare Department of Oradea, awarded fourteen prizes to volunteers, non-governmental organisations and foundations that contributed to helping the citizens of Oradea.

New Acropolis volunteers were awarded for supporting the Oradea Day Care Center for Children, where they carried out the following activities: painting (on bas-relief, glass, acrylic), music (guitar), games and sports activities, presentations of ancient civilizations and drawing / writing exercises (Egypt and hieroglyphic writing, Sumerian and cuneiform writing, Mesoamerica), planting flowers, scientific workshops (on electricity, chemical compounds), visits to exhibitions in the city (Leonardo da Vinci, Museum of Illusions), to the cinema and the Philharmonic, homework help (Romanian language and literature, mathematics), preparation for the second Mathematics exam.

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