Online Seminar: Symbolism of Fairy Tales (Belgrano, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

We presented the online talk: “Symbolism of Fairy Tales – Part 5”.

Professor Gonzalo Garcia discussed some of the most important tales of the Slavic tradition.

It is striking that in a world as changing as ours, these stories have been transmitted from generation to generation with minimal variations and that we can find very similar stories in different times and cultures.

These tales still delight us with their symbolism, their particular charm and their characteristic narrative with emblematic characters such as the witch Baba-Yaga, an icon in Eastern Europe still feared and sometimes revered.

Their symbolism, as well as the myths of different cultures, have been used for thousands of years to transmit knowledge necessary for the development and evolution of humanity: the struggle between good and evil, the search for identity, the purpose of life, overcoming obstacles, changes and transformations, among many other invaluable lessons.

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