Online seminar: Symbolism of fairy tales: Siegfried (Belgrano, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

New Acropolis presented the online seminar: “Symbolism of fairy tales: Siegfried”.

Professor Gonzalo García spoke about the fairy tale of the Nordic and Germanic traditions: Sigfrido, Sigurd o Siegfried.

During the European Middle Ages, many of the traditional fairy tales were produced, and one of their most recognizable motifs is the warrior prince, who slays the dragon and rescues the princess.

The Siegfried tale stands out for its length, originality and symbolic complexity. It is full of symbolic elements very familiar from other tales: He uses a magic sword that had been stuck in a trunk, waiting for that hero who could extract it, he has an inexhaustible treasure that grows with time, a cloak of invisibility, he defeats a terrible dragon and bathes in its blood, becoming invulnerable, except for one thing.

The Seminar invited participants to rediscover the story of Siegfried and unveil its profound symbolism.

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