Online Seminar: Symbolism of the Cathedrals (Belgrano, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

Online seminar on the Symbolism of the Cathedrals by Professor Gustavo Porras, who addressed the subject of the Gothic Cathedrals that have fascinated humanity so much in the last 900 years.

Who were the Master Builders? What is their relationship with the Knights Templar? What is the symbolism of these majestic cathedrals?

These stone marvels that rise up to 150 meters high defying gravity, are expressions of a special art called Gothic. Gothic Art is in itself a mystery, there are no known antecedents of it in the West, and it is possible to trace its symbolism back to Egypt and its pyramids.

The Cathedrals were built with art, science and techniques unknown for their time. The architects and master builders had full knowledge of how to create these masterpieces, the symbols and messages they wanted to capture in them.

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