Online talk: Science in the face of the mystery of Reincarnation. (Argentina)

Cultural Activities

The Belgrano Center of New Acropolis, presented through a virtual platform the online talk: Science in the face of the Mystery of Reincarnation.

Professor Gustavo Porras spoke about the research pertaining to contemporary science and its interesting conclusions that open the way to reflection on the mystery of reincarnation.

Faced with the question “Where are the living born from?” Socrates replied, “Where are the dead born from? The dead are born of the living, and the living of the dead.” Who has not wondered what happens after death, if consciousness transcends life, if there is Heaven and Hell, if we live again, if we really reincarnate. And what is the vision of science in this regard?

Ideas about reincarnation have been present in our lives for millennia. Plato, in his writings in “The Republic”, recounted these experiences in the Myth of ER; Pythagoras could remember his time in Troy in the time of the hero Euphorbus.

Religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism offer their explanations of returning souls, already freed from the world, to continue their evolutionary paths incarnated in new bodies.

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