“Philosophy as a way of life” online-fest (Russia)

World Philosophy Day

New Acropolis welcomes to the festival “Philosophy as a Way of Life”. It is dedicated to the World Philosophy Day and the 35th anniversary of the New Acropolis in Russia.

Who am I? Where I come from? Where am I going to? It seems that there are questions, the answers to which you have been looking for all the life. And you find whenever something deeply and radically changes in you. But again and again, behind each of these answers, other questions arise – about a different you, not about what you are now, but about what you could become. And you again seek and set off on your way – to your real self.

This year, within the framework of our festival, the “New Acropolis” philosophical school proposes to return to these important questions and, together with the sages of different times, look for the keys to the answers . More than 50 events are waiting the guests of the festival, some of which will be held online, and the other – in the form of offline meetings in all cities where there is a philosophical school “New Acropolis”.

Admission to all festival events is free.
The full schedule of the festival (online and offline) and links can be found on its official page.


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