Presentation of the book: “I learned it along the way” (Lisbon, Portugal)

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The presentation and signing of the book I learned it along the way, by Leyla Moreno Barbiery, took place at the Center of New Acropolis Lisbon,

The book, prefaced by José Carlos Fernández, director of New Acropolis Portugal, has been published in Portuguese and Spanish by New Acropolis Portugal.

The author tells her personal and intimate experiences through poetry. Poetic language is, without a doubt, the best language for the soul. Through it, beauty flows and is transmitted, achieving an identification with the poet and her way of understanding life.

The event included the recitation of some poetry, in Portuguese and Spanish, by the author herself and the Florbela Espanca poetry group. Finally, the book was signed by the author, followed by a discussion where participants could share impressions and spend some enjoyable moments together.

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