“Santa Teresa Park Project”. The park comes alive with culture, games and workshops (Verona, Italy)

Cultural Volunteering

Every Tuesday in the summer, volunteers from New Acropolis brought excitement to Santa Teresa Park, where recreational and cultural activities took place under the project ” Santa Teresa Park Project. A park for all). The project has support from Verona Local Council and various cooperatives and associations in the area. Tuesday has become an important day, an unmissable meeting point for the park’s regulars who come to learn about culture thanks to our ‘Bibliomobile’ (Mobile Library): a kiosk on 3 wheels that offers books of all kinds (novels, essays, comics) and documentaries for all ages, as well as storytelling for children. We also offer playtime and practical workshops for children. This month, puppets and music were the main attraction. In the first meeting, the children learned to make simple but beautiful puppets using basic materials that are common in our homes. On another Tuesday we focused on music with a classroom dedicated to percussion, with the aim of teaching the value of rhythm, learning to listen and creating a beautiful harmony together. One thing was clear: both children and adults shared some happy moments of joy and laughter.

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