Seminar: “The Republic, in search of the ideal city” (Córdoba, Argentina)

Cultural Activities, Philosophy, Promotion of Philosophy

On Friday, February 19th, we completed the seminar: “The Republic, in search of the ideal city” based on Plato’s dialogue, delivered in 3 online meetings.

During 3 consecutive Fridays we addressed topics such as:

Socrates and Plato, mayeutics and dialogue, the world of ideas, introduction to The Republic, the search for justice, social classes, philosophical education, characteristics of the ideal polis, tripartition of the human soul, allegory of the cave, systems of government and the myth of Er.

The dialogue of The Republic is presented at the end of a great celebration dedicated to the goddess Athena in the port of Piraeus. Socrates is invited by Polemarchus to his home. Together with Thrasymachus, Adimantus and Glaucon, they engage in a dialogue about JUSTICE.

In this famous meeting, Plato brings philosophy to the polis and presents his theory on how to achieve harmony among the members of a state, while being in oneself. He tries to approach the concept of an ideal polis, which would be shaped as a city and school at the same time, where human beings could be formed as individuals (undivided, integral persons).

Thanks to all who participated in the seminar, we hope you enjoyed it and hope to meet you again in new activities!

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