Interview with José Ramos about his book “7 Lessons in Philosophy with Walt Disney” (Coímbra, Portugal)

Editorial News

On the 7th of March an interview was held with José Ramos, professor at New Acropolis and author of the book “7 Lessons in Philosophy with Walt Disney”.

As a description of the book we extract some words that, José Carlos Fernández, writer and director of New Acropolis Portugal, wrote in the preface:

“The author of this book, José Ramos, delves into the hidden knowledge of 7 of the works of what we could call the greatest painter of the 20th century. With singular beauty and philosophical depth, natural in those who have walked more than 35 years in these mysterious paths, he extracts the pearl that is hidden in the beauty and grace of Disney’s stories, because each one of them is like an enigma, an aesthetic revelation and a truth of the Soul of the World. And he guides us through this world of meanings that often goes unnoticed by those who do not ask the right questions, in the right mood and at the right time”.


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