Podcast A poetic view: “Octavio Paz, to say, to do” (Bilbao, Spain)

Cultural Activities

The first podcast of A poetic view, led by Leticia Darriba and Andrés Cortés, is dedicated to the great Mexican poet Octavio Paz, winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature. They ask: What is poetry and how do poets define it?
For Antonio Machado it is a word in time. For Blas de Otero it is expression and meeting. For Verlaine, above all, poetry is music. According to Gloria Fuertes, the poet, instead of counting syllables, should tell what is happening in the world.
But the last word goes to Octavio Paz, for whom poetry is said and done, as he explains in his poem “Decir, hacer” (To say, to do) dramatized by the couple of actors.


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