Socratic Symposium (São Paulo-Zona Oeste/SP, Brazil)

Promotion of Philosophy

Socratic Symposium organised by New Acropolis São Paulo – West Zone, in honour of the philosopher Socrates.

There were several online presentations on the works of the philosopher Plato and his teacher Socrates, among them: Gorgias, which deals with the differences between rhetoric and true philosophical dialogue; Charmides, reflections on the virtue of temperance; The Apology of Socrates, which discusses the trial and death sentence of the great philosopher; Crito, which discusses the importance of duty; and finally, Phaedo, which discusses the immortality of the soul.

Each presentation sought to pay tribute to the importance of the figure of Socrates as a model of the true philosopher for the development of philosophy centred on the knowledge of the self and the pursuit of the daily practice of the virtues.








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