‘What about tomorrow? How to deal with uncertainty’ (Almería, Spain)

Promotion of Philosophy

What about tomorrow? How to deal with uncertainty. Understanding that everything changes; changes are natural, but they produce uncertainty. Uncertainty begins to disappear when human beings know where they want to go. We have forgotten the principles and the ends.
Why are things done? Prof. Livraga explains it with the following example: a train moving fast along an unknown track; those who are driving do not know the track and have forgotten where they started from and do not know where they are going.

Causes of uncertainty:

  • Ignorance of the laws of life. What is the human being.
  • There are no great ideals, big dreams have died.
  • Forgetting the great timeless ethical principles.
  • We do not build for the future, we do not think of others.

You can follow the lecture ‘What about tomorrow? How to deal with uncertainty’ on YouTube and Facebook.


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