Winter social action (Belgium)


Due to current regulations on the health crisis in Belgium, New Acropolis was unable to carry out its traditional winter social action (support for the homeless) on the streets of Brussels. An evening was organized to adapt this initiative to current health regulations, in which each volunteer shared the values ​​that he wanted to put at the service of the city through concrete solidarity actions carried out individually, according to his choice. . . The operation was a success. All proposed one or more actions at the service of relatives, neighbors, an association, etc … Here are some examples: Offering a gift to a homeless person, preparing meals for an association that helps homeless people, volunteering help to a nursing home, offering to cheer on friends’ children via webcam to allow parents to take a break… A WhatsApp group was created to encourage and connect all the volunteers beyond distance, and a briefing was held to evaluate the experience of each one.

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