1° Planting of native trees. Urban Forest Project (Bolivia)

Mother Earth Day

New Acropolis Bolivia carried out an ecological volunteering program as part of the New Acropolis international program dedicated to Mother Earth:

*In Santa Cruz, the 1st anniversary of the “Urban Forests” project was celebrated, planting trees in the Plaza El Fuerte in district 12 with 58 seedlings of native species, thus closing the 1st cycle of the project. During this first phase, volunteers actively participated for 1 year taking care of the growth of the seedlings from the collection and germination of the seeds, to their growth and development.

It was a day of hard work in collaboration with the Neighborhood and School Board of Barrio El Fuerte and the staff of the DM-12 Sub-Mayor’s Office. The Santa Cruz Municipal Autonomous Government allowed us to take responsibility for the development and care of the planted trees. We acknowledged the efforts made by our mother earth in giving life to each plant, as well as the impact that our actions have on our environment.

*In the city of La Paz, the Urban Forests project was launched in co-organization with the Pro Pacha movement. After explaining the scope of the project, volunteers carried out maintenance work on the old trees on Abdón Saavedra Street in Sopocachi.

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