Aid actions for refugees from Ukraine (Hungary)

Humanitarian Disaster Relief


Members of New Acropolis throughout the country have participated in the actions of collecting the most needed products at this time for the refugees from Ukraine. Some bringing their concrete contributions, others with the money to buy the rest. In addition to food, we have sent medical supplies, blankets and other essential items.

Cooperating with a transport company we have already twice sent parcels – with special permission – to the territory of Ukraine close to the border with Hungary.


We are prepared to welcome the refugees in the private flats as we have already done twice. In Budapest we have helped four refugees and an entire family who have then continued their journey to their final destination.

In Budapest, cooperating with the Migration Aid organization, we are helping to transport the refugees who arrive in large numbers at the train stations. Civil organizations, hotels, schools and town halls house the thousands of refugees who are continually arriving.

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