Relief assistance (Szeged, Hungary)

Throughout the country various initiatives are being organized to help the refugees. Individuals and civil organizations are contributing with food and other basic necessities. The members of New Acropolis Szeged […]

Humanitarian Action (Zagreb, Croatia)

New Acropolis organized a campaign to collect items as Christmas gifts for children whose houses were destroyed by the earthquake in the Glina city area.

Donations of Essential Items (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Non-perishable food, sanitary products, winter clothes and toys were donated to the Civil Association “Otras Manos”, which helps the homeless, and to the Child and Family Care Centre “Campo de […]

Donations Day (Montevideo, Uruguay)

New Acropolis volunteers gave all donations received from the Solidarity Campaign to the Strong Tower soup kitchen, which serves low-income families: 35 kg of non-perishable food, 170 kg of warm […]