Delivery of food and books for the La Concordia Soup Kitchen (Castellón, Spain).

Social Volunteering

Once again, New Acropolis Castellón brought donations to the La Concordia Soup Kitchen of New Acropolis Valencia.

As on other occasions, a group of volunteers were organized to transport the food collected at the Castàlia Cultural Center to the headquarters of the Soup Kitchen, and also to deliver collected books.

It may be a surprise to many that a soup kitchen, which was originally intended to provide humanitarian aid, provides books in addition to much-needed food. If you are one of those who have been surprised, you will be interested to know that the La Concordia Soup Kitchen of Valencia not only seeks to nourish the body of its beneficiaries, but has a whole series of programs in place to help them in their reintegration into the labor market, and also offers free tutoring to complement the education of children whose families lack the necessary resources.



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