Earth Day (Kyoto, Japan)

Mother Earth Day


New Acropolis Kyoto students celebrated Earth Day by decorating our school front with beautiful flowers.

We also had an interesting talk about ecology, where we discussed how we can be more ecological on the physical, energetic, emotional and mental planes.

For example, on the material level, how we can learn to use only what’s necessary so that we produce less trash and stop wasting the resources of Mother Earth. Also, how we can save energy from unnecessary actions to do more good actions, and how we can save our emotions by not getting too upset or too excited about temporary things, or about things that are outside of our control. Mentally, how we can spare mental energy but focusing on what is good and important and not on negative information and bad news.

This way, we can use all of ourselves for a good purpose.

But most importantly, we realized that what really needs to change is our consciousness. If we understand that earth is our home, our mother, we will love and respect it naturally.

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