Earth Week (Slovakia)

Mother Earth Day

New Acropolis in Slovakia organized “Earth Week”, with different activities to commemorate International Mother Earth Day.

We organized two online activities entitled: “The Soul of the Earth” and “How to make everyday life greener”. Through these talks we recalled ancient traditions committed to honoring the relationship between human beings and nature, and we sought to raise awareness of our environment in terms of our habits and decisions in daily life.

In three cities we conducted creative ecological workshops focused on making everyday objects using recycled materials.

In addition, we organized together with the neighborhood association “Bratislava-Petržalka”, an ecological cleanup in a city park.

Also part of our program was an educational and ecological activity for an orphanage: different plants were planted in the garden of the orphanage and the children learned in a practical way to better understand nature and to be more attentive to it.


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