Ecological Actions for World Earth Day (Greece-Attica-Thessaloniki)

Mother Earth Day

As part of the initiative of the IONA to actively participate in the celebration of World Earth Day, a series of ecological events were organized in Attica:



– Ecological volunteer organizations were gathered in the central Syntagma Square in Athens, after accepting our invitation to celebrate Mother Nature’s Day together with traditional dances from various parts of Greece based on the life cycles of the Earth (harvest, sowing, winter, spring). We also shared information material about the ecological action that followed the next day.

– Landscaping actions of the forest of mount Hymettus in Athens, helped us all to come closer to Nature, to harmonize with it and to offer our energy. 








We cleared the forest of dry branches and grasses that can become dangerous as sources of fire, landscaped the park and planted many young plants to enhance the plant wealth of the forest that had been destroyed by fires during previous years.


We also made some new friends!

But also in Thessaloniki:

– Park Cleaning in the Gardens of Pasha: We breathed new life into our favorite park that suffers from our fellow citizens’  lack of ecological consciousness. We set the example so that life, purity and light prevail!

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