Humanitarian assistance to “migrants” (Bordeaux, France)

Social Volunteering

Volunteers from New Acropolis Bordeaux provided humanitarian assistance to “migrants”.

For Delphine, member of the association, this is the first time. She timidly follows the regular volunteers to the bridge near the ring road.

It is around a campfire that the volunteers meet the migrants. With the shared coffee, conversations begin, we sit down, we discuss “like at home”, because we are invited to their home.

A little further, we meet a trio. The matron gives us the rules of the house, “here we don’t leave anything on the floor and we sweep the broom!” “. Faced with the language barrier, exchanges are made with the eyes, the hands, the words.

And finally, what is a “home”, where does it start?

What if, in our comfortable homes, we had lost sight of the fact that the house is a hearth, a fire around which people gather?

The home is in the heart of all men, let us try that the comfort of our material home does not stifle the fire within. It is a lesson in humility to have received this teaching during these meetings.

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