Island of Crete and Minoan Culture (Belgrano, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

Lecture on “The island of Crete and Minoan Culture” by Professor Luis Soto.

A wonderful symbolic journey that followed the traces of ancient Greece through Minoan mythology and culture. Also discussed: the history of the devastating volcano of Santorini, which completely changed the shape of the island, and the remains of the citadel after the debacle.

Participants explored the mound of Kafala in Macedonia, and virtually visited the incredible palace of Knossos and its composition in detail, passing through Corinth and Mycenae, to finally learn about the origins of Greek writing, the medical wars of Herodotus and the search for “Troy” by Henrich Schlieman.

Two intense hours on a period about which hardly any reliable data is known, but which, as Herodotus himself said: “We must avoid forgetting that which deserves to be remembered“.

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