Mayan Civilization: its culture and legacy (Belgrano, Argentina)

Educational Activities

Lecture entitled “A Journey into Mayan Culture” at the Belgrano Centre, given by Professor Matías Taiah.

During the talk, the history of Mayan culture and its settlements in the state of Mexico, in regions of Guatemala and in part of the territories of Honduras and El Salvador were discussed, with emphasis on the symbolism and architecture of the pyramids of Chichén Itzá, Palenque (Mexico), Tikal and El Mirador (Guatemala), and Cobá (Honduras). The importance of numerous socio-cultural aspects, such as writing, art, agriculture, mythology, astronomy and mathematics, as well as the relevance of their numerical system, were also highlighted.

It was a wonderful and illustrative journey through the Maya legacy, within the framework of the pre-Columbian American continent. This journey helped us better understand the evolution and heyday of a culture that, despite its splendor and wealth, suffered a surprising and enigmatic collapse, which is still unexplainable today.

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