Mother Earth Day (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Mother Earth Day

Volunteers from New Acropolis of Saint-Petersburg held a series of events with a new look at the Nature and celebrate the International Mother Earth Day.

As part of the events, volunteers watched and discussed a documentary about our planet, played an ecological game devoted to the consumption and conservation of the Earth’s resources. They also participated in the care of 300-year-old oaks and organized an ecological campaign in the urban forest park.

The last one was conducted in colaboration with park administration and eco expert Taisiya Mikhailova. Thanks to Taisia, volunteers extended the clean-up day with a tour of the park and a discussion of the local ecosystem structure and nature arrangement in general. The participants learned how dead trees can maintain the eco-ballance in the forest, how to distinguish the voices of birds and how to find first spring flowers.

With this new knowledge volunteers quickly, efficiently and in harmony with the environment cleaned the park area.

Ecology activity in Saint-Petersburg Cleaning the park in Saint-Petersburg

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