Olympic conviviality in Barcelona (Spain)

Sport Activities

The School of Sports with Heart project brought together athletes from New Acropolis Barcelona and Sabadell and Es Racó de Ses Idees de Mallorca to enjoy a sporting experience with a lot of Olympic spirit.


During an intense weekend, the meeting served to promote the Olympic spirit, with lots of sports, effort, self-improvement, learning, conviviality and fraternity.

The modalities practiced were:

* Volleyball

* Archery

* Athletics races

* Shot put, disc and javelin throws

* High jump

And, to complete the training, the director of the School of Sports gave a motivating philosophical talk on strength and sports.

Thus, this gathering served both to improve and learn techniques in each of the modalities, and to enjoy the sports and teamwork among different athletes, recovering the true Olympic spirit, which is to overcome oneself. We value the efforts of those who participated!

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