Podcast: Unamuno (Bilbao, Spain)

Cultural Activities

On the occasion of the 158th anniversary of the birth of Miguel de Unamuno, La Mirada Poética dedicated a recent podcast to him.

An intellectual, writer and philosopher from Bilbao who belonged to the so-called “Generation of ’98“, he reflected on the human condition, existence, reason, faith and free will. His gift was thought and his tool was the word, as he was capable of expressing the soul of things.

He lived in Spain on the verge of the Civil War. He felt compassion for a country that was adrift, but he did not question its destiny. From his position he spoke out against the excesses of power.

The phrase pronounced from the pulpit of the University of Salamanca to the military rebels: “you will win, but you will not convince” has been attributed to him.


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