Sacred architecture of the pyramids, the mysteries of the phoenix (Paris, France)

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The anthropologist and philosopher Fernand Schwarz shared with the Paris audience the mysteries of Egyptian architecture.

Egypt is in the spotlight in 2022, the bicentenary of the deciphering of hieroglyphics by Jean-François Champollion. Fernand Schwarz, anthropologist and philosopher, specialist and author of numerous books and films on ancient Egypt, shared his knowledge of the mysteries of Egyptian architecture during this exceptional conference.

More than 70 people came to discover the meaning of this pyramidal architecture and its symbolism. The entire pyramid responds to a precise sacred geography, it appears as a place of transmutation for rebirth, like the phoenix.

Fernand Schwarz is the author of “Symbolism of Egypt, the origins of spirituality”, “Initiation to the Egyptian Book of the Dead”, “Maat: Egypt, mirror of heaven”, “Egypt: land of the gods, gift of the Nile”.

A signing session took place at the end of the conference to keep the memory of this time out of time.

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