Seminar: Route of the Cathedrals (Amenábar, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

New Acropolis held the seminar entitled Route of the Cathedrals, given by the director of the institution, Prof. Victoria Calle.

During two hours, two great periods of history were covered: the Roman period in the West and the Byzantine period in the East, both cradles of imposing works in the Middle Ages (high and low) and, later, in the Renaissance, such as churches and cathedrals, mainly noted for their architectural beauty and religious symbolism.

Some of the topics presented included:

The cathedral as a source of knowledge and power in antiquity, the symbolism that expressed “the journey of life”, the distribution of the nave and its cardinal points, the evolution of the human being in pursuit of his spiritual ascent “harmonization of opposites”, the Gothic elements and their meanings (gargoyles, nave and dome: terrestrial and celestial world), and much more.

Also covered: the historical setting of these religious monuments, both in rural areas and in the cities, from medieval austerity to the commercial, luminous and colorful splendor of the Renaissance, the Eastern Byzantine mosaics, the Romanesque figures carved and painted on walls and windows, and their importance in the vivid narration of religious events, as well as the architectural evolution from the simplest to the most complex structures of the basilicas to the majestic splendor of the cathedrals.

The tour ended with a walk through some of the most recognized and imposing buildings of history, which still preserve and maintain the heritage of humanity, in a display of the inexhaustible struggle in the evolution of man of all times, even in the midst of chaos, with boldness in the forms, harmonic beauty and a deep spiritual sense.

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