Theater: “The Shadow” by Christian Andersen (Almeria, Spain)

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Theater: Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Shadow” is a tale about the loss of identity as human beings.

Teatro la sombra Christian AndersenTeatro la sombra Christian Cristian








María Dolores Gómez, director of the theater group of New Acropolis Almería, wrote an adaptation of this tale in order to represent it in a short play. The idea is to highlight the fact that we are travelers, and that life is a path where destiny and freedom come together.

Teatro la sombra Acrópolis AlmeríaTeatro Acrópolis Almería

Destiny is knowing who we are and freedom is choosing our path and how to travel along it. The journey transforms the traveler and in the end we become what we choose to live.

Teatro la sombra, saludando al final de la representación

Theater “The Shadow” by Hans Christian Andersen on YouTube:

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