Thoughts of peace accompany our work in Ukraine

Humanitarian Disaster Relief

NA Kharkiv delivers food to those who cannot buy it now.

NA Ivano-Frankivsk collects contact information of drivers and coordinates resettlement of refugees. Our volunteers procure necessities and weave camouflage nets. The latter has acquired the name “Penelope’s workshop”. The volunteers have undertaken a first aid training to equip them with skills for a war zone.

NA Kyiv coordinates settlement of the Ukrainians abroad with the help of NA volunteers from other countries. We also coordinating humanitarian aid coming from abroad.

Volunteers of NA Dnipro work in the city volunteer headquarters. They collect everything necessary for a hospital and resettle refugees.

Several NA centres jointly with other volunteers develop the new project This website accumulates information about the volunteering organisations that provide help to those who have suffered from war.

In unity is our strength!

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