World Cleanup Day “Let’s do it 2022!“ (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Ecological Volunteering

The School of Philosophy New Acropolis together with the “Ecodozor” good deeds movement and the “Clean Ural” Project organized garbage disposal in a beautiful forest in the city suburb.

Participation in the World Cleanup Day “Let’s do it!” has become a good tradition. Thanks to the common efforts of the citizens the amount of landfills around the city becomes smaller every year.

This year there were much more participants, and we managed to collect and remove 60 tons of garbage and 200 tires.

While working, we were doing a small philosophical exercise: we tried not to judge others and put all our attention to what we can change in this world for the better, we imagined the future of the forest and of the city and enjoyed the beauty of nature around us.


World Cleanup Day “Let's do it -2022!“World Cleanup Day “Let's do it -2022!“

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