World Earth Day: New Acropolis proposes human values as key to preserving the planet (Brazil)

Ecological Volunteering

In line with the theme elected by the United Nations for Earth Day 2022 “Protect our Species”, the International Organization New Acropolis held park and beach cleanups, guided walks and public lectures at all its headquarters in Brazil with the keynote “Human Values as key to preserving our planet”.

On International Earth Day, 04/22, New Acropolis Brazil Northern Division pays tribute to Mother Earth through a Circular Dance allusive to the theme and disseminated by the YouTube channel @Nova Acropolis Brazil.

As a special consultative organization to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), whose role is to discuss and forward policies on sustainable development, New Acropolis promotes awareness campaigns to awaken Human Beings to their responsibility to the Environment.

“A human being, in the fullness of the human condition, preserves all his surroundings. The lack of complete human beings is a true ecological accident of nature,” says philosopher Lúcia Helena Galvão, a volunteer teacher with the organization for over 30 years.

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