Earth Day 2023 (Bologna, Italy)

Mother Earth Day

The volunteers of New Acropolis have ventured into many activities to make people appreciate the beauty of our planet and to celebrate the gifts our great Mother Earth gave us. On a bright sunny day in the meadow near Piazza Lucio Dalla, many activities took place under the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna: the Exhibition of Biodiversity, games inspired by the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) and the “Teatro della Quercia” (Oak tree Theater) with the staging of the fairy tale “Alviss, the gnome of the Earth”. The high point of the day was in the afternoon, when volunteers and citizens danced all together in a circle: in the “Braid Ball”, colourful ribbons were interwoven around a pole to bring good luck to our future. In the “Dance of Friendship” everyone was united with helded hands in a great intent of love and friendship to thank Mother Earth.

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