Gorafe, the most important megalithic city of Europe (Jaén, Spain)

Cultural Volunteering

New Acropolis Jaén organized a trip to the megalithic park of Gorafe, a town that houses one of the largest concentrations of dolmens in Europe, more than 250.

Although Carnac (Brittany) or Stonehenge (Great Britain) may be the most famous, the fact is that there is no higher concentration of dolmens in the territory of old Europe.

A group of volunteers and interested people from Jaén and Granada had the opportunity to visit some of the most emblematic dolmens, such as those of Hoya del Conquín and Llano de Olivares.

In the Baños de Alicún, it was also possible to visit the impressive Toril irrigation canal.

During a very pleasant excursion, we had the opportunity to learn about the characteristics of the European megalithic culture and the necropolis we visited.

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