II International Volunteer Olympics New Acropolis (Brazil)

Sport Activities

On July 22, the II International Volunteer Olympics was inaugurated, promoted by the New Acropolis International Organization, with the collaboration of the Pierre de Coubertin Olympic Committee and the São José dos Campos City Council, State of São Paulo.
The opening ceremony was held at the national headquarters of New Acropolis Brazil, in São Francisco Xavier (São José dos Campos district), with the lighting of the Olympic torch, the singing of hymns and the delegations’ parade.
Subsequently, athletes of different nationalities carried the Olympic torch that was passed from hand to hand.
Present were: the Director of New Acropolis Brazil-South, Professor Luzia Helena de Oliveira Echenique; the International Director of the School of Sports with Heart of New Acropolis, Francisco Iglesias, responsible for developing the learning of sport combined with philosophy; the President of the Brazilian Committee Pierre de Coubertin and Vice President of the International Committee Pierre de Coubertin, Nelson Todt, representing the tradition of Pierre de Coubertin and his legacy as founder of the Olympic Games and future of the essence of the Olympic tradition; the Mayor of São José dos Campos, Anderson Farias Ferreira; the deputy mayor of the District of São Francisco Xavier, Marcos Antônio Rosa; and the Secretary of Sport and Quality of Life of São José dos Campos, Kátia Maria Riêra Machado, who addressed some inspiring words to the athletes.
The II International Volunteer Olympics had the participation of approximately 300 athletes from different countries, such as Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Spain, Israel, Paraguay, the Czech Republic and Russia; and they competed in the following disciplines: athletics, swimming, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, and chess, among others.
https://nova-acropole.org.br/noticias/sncomunicacao/ii-olimpiada- international-make-volunteering-happens-na-nova-acropole-brazil/

El atleta Luiz Augusto Amaral entregando la antorcha olímpica al alcalde de São José dos Campos Anderson Ferreira

Kátia Maria Riêra Machado, Secretaria de Deporte y Calidad de Vida de São José dos Campos

De izquierda a derecha: Luzia Helena, Marcos Rosa, Nelson Todt, Francisco Iglesias

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