Lecture series: The Castreña culture and the experience of the sacred

Cultural Volunteering


New Acropolis Famalicão and the City Council of Famalicão, in collaboration with the Hermes Portugal Institute, organized a lecture series dedicated to the Castreña Culture and the Experience of the Sacred.

The most notable characteristic of this culture is the fortified settlements known as castros, a term derived from the Latin castrum, its name in the indigenous language being unknown.

The series began, at Casa do Território, with three presentations on the subject, by Paulo Loução, (director of New Acropolis Oeiras-Cascais), José Antunes (director of New Acropolis Porto) and Isabel Areias (director of New Acropolis Famalicão).

Later, in the Parque da Devesa of Famalicão, participants shared moments of experimental archaeology of great importance, which included the opportunity of recalling what could have been a warrior initiation ritual of the Castro culture. The day ended with a dinner organized by New Acropolis Famalicão in the same place.

The next day we visited the Castro da Eiras, an important archaeological complex of sacred significance, accompanied by Felisbela Leite, archaeologist of the municipality of Famalicão, where we were able to see important areas such as the Balneário, the Pedra da Lua and the emblematic Acropolis of this place.

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