Long Nigth of Philosophy 2023 (Graz, Austria)

World Philosophy Day


More than a hundred visitors visitors chose from the following workshops: Dialogue with Socrates; Finding meaning with Viktor Frankl; Serenity like the Stoics; Freedom with Hannah Arendt; Compassion and inner peace with Buddha and More justice in our world with Plato. ND Hannes Weinelt impressed with a keynote speech, emphasizing that philosophy not only has to be studied, but also practiced. Former members came together to meet kindred souls. The interactive elements of the workshops were positively received, and the mulled wine stand in the garden created a happy atmosphere.

The partners shared the motto “Rethinking, mind shifting, reflecting”. Topics, such as justice, sustainable action, human rights, mindfulness, and the future of work, inspired the visitors.

World Philosophy Day in Graz was a great success.

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