Workshop: Introduction to beekeeping (Oeiras-Cascais, Portugal)

Educational Activities


There are many products obtained from the tireless work of bees. Bees not only produce honey and wax, but also pollen, propolis, royal jelly and even venom (apitoxin). Products such as facial cream, shampoo, hair conditioner and polymiel have been made from honey.

All this, in addition to the observation and learning about their organization and functioning, led New Acropolis Oeiras-Cascais to carry out a Beekeeping Introductory Workshop. It lasted seven and a half hours and was led by Telmo Cabral, a professional beekeeper, and had the following program:

Theoretical Module

The bees:

Species and their geographical distribution.

The life of bees in society and the different castes.

Morphology and anatomy of bees.

Legislation associated with beekeeping.

Beekeeping material.

The products of the hive.

Problems and solutions inherent to beekeeping.

Practical Module

Direct contact with hives and swarms.

The theoretical part of the workshop was held at New Acropolis Oeiras-Cascais (Oeiras) and the practical part at Quinta do Pisão (Cascais). The workshop was a great success in terms of learning, experiences and connection with nature.


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