Book presentation: “Apontamentos de Simbolismo Arturiano” (Porto, Portugal)

Editorial News


New Acropolis Porto presented the new book by José Carlos Fernández, writer and director of New Acropolis Portugal, on Arthurian Symbolism.

This work, born from the various sessions of a summer course under the generic name of “Arthurian Cycle”, reviews in detail the different facets of the Chivalric Ideal that allowed Europe to revive values and ideals, which contributed to the building of a better and fairer world, after the difficult period of the High Middle Ages.

Lancelot, Galahad, Merlin, Arthur, Parsifal or Tristan, among others, still persist in our collective imagination, not only for their plasticity and poetic charm, but also for the deep symbolism of the human soul that they reflect.

In this presentation, José Carlos Fernández lucidly conveyed that the evolutional ideals, which have animated human beings throughout history, are always the same, or rather, they are one and the same, even if the contexts vary. Unfortunately, our time lacks those ideals of the future that have always inspired humanity. However it’s all a matter of waiting for a new cycle of return of what has always been valid.

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