World Philosophy Day 2023: A Journey of Reflection and Action (Brazil)

World Philosophy Day

Brazil participated in a unique celebration of World Philosophy Day, promoted by the New Acropolis International Organization. Under the theme “Philosophy in Action”, more than 100 units across the country took part in a series of events involving lectures, dialogues, exhibitions, artistic presentations and workshops. The day was celebrated at the New Acropolis around the world, in Brazil alone there were more than 6 thousand participants, which highlights the relevant role of philosophy in addressing global challenges.

Philosophy in motion

The week of events reinforced the importance of philosophy as an instrument not only for reflection, but also for action in the face of challenges faced in everyday life. The theme “Philosophy in Action” inspired participants to consider the practical role of philosophy in their everyday lives. The New Acropolis reaffirmed its commitment to transforming knowledge into concrete actions, contributing positively to the world. Professor Lúcia Helena Galvão brought the lecture “Philosophy: Lucidity to Face the Challenges of the Current World” to Brasília, Natal and Fortaleza, providing a unique opportunity to explore the role of philosophy in the complexities we live in.

Transformative exhibitions

The New Acropolis units have become true galleries of ideas, with visually striking exhibitions. Participants had the unique opportunity to explore complex philosophical concepts, making learning not only intellectual but also sensorial. World Philosophy Day served as a meeting point for minds eager for knowledge. Groups came together in philosophical discussions, providing a space to exchange ideas, deepen understandings, and build a vibrant philosophical community.

Shows that transcend

The integration of art and philosophy was evident in the shows that captivated the participants. Musical and artistic performances not only entertained, but also brought philosophical concepts to life in inspiring ways. The highlight was a grand concert that brought together 79 musicians.
The Meeting of Orchestras and Choirs highlighted talents such as the Filarmônica Ipearte from Pará, Filarmônica Juvenil, Coro Juvenil Criança para o Bem (children for good) , Metropolitan orchestra, Brasília symphonic movement, Orquestra Alberto Nepomuceno and the Choir of the Chamber of Brasília.

Practice and reflection

In Manaus, more than 80 people participated in a full day of programming. The workshop “Awakening the Everyday Hero: First Aid Workshop and Notions of Fire Control” offered essential basic techniques for acting in emergencies. With the “Professions Fair: My Day-to-Day with Philosophy”, providing a relaxed chat about the daily professional lives of New Acropolis volunteers.

The programs covered the four regions of Brazil, from north to south, people actively participated, attending exhibitions, lectures and unique events, which covered relevant topics, from mythological heroes to the importance of philosophy in everyday life.


A philosophical look at everyday life.


Students from New Acropolis Brazil participated in a Photo Contest with the theme “The Visible of the Invisible”. Capturing the often imperceptible beauty of everyday life, they combined photographs with philosophical reflections, providing an enriching experience.

Social contribution

In addition to the knowledge, a series of solidarity actions took place throughout the week. An average of one ton of food was collected between the cities, especially several institutions benefited from food for the body and soul, as they also participated in the lectures as a form of transmission.


“Philosophy makes us create a link with our human condition, a link that is reflected in all our thoughts, feelings and actions. In other words, philosophy in action is a philosophy that permeates the entire practical life of human beings, it is not simply a set of concepts, but
practical guidance on how to act, how to make choices and how to improve oneself day by day”, highlights Professor Lúcia Helena Galvão

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