Celebration in the heart (Győr, Hungary)

Artistic Activities

The music group of the Győr Centre of New Acropolis Hungary visited Budapest with a two-hour music and poetry show. The introduction to the evening explained why this title was chosen for the performance: poems and songs allow us to pause for a moment in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As if preparing for a holiday, we can calm down our thoughts and feelings, and thus poetry and art will help us return to ourselves and reunite the parts of our soul.


The group has set a number of poems to music, and on this occasion a selection of these was performed as well as other well-known songs. During the breaks between the songs, excerpts from poems were recited that highlighted the relationship between man and nature, the beauty and harmony, and human values. The group created such an intimate atmosphere that at the end the audience also joined the amateur artists and sang along to familiar songs.


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